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Frequently Asked Questions for Consultants

What are professional indemnity inclusions?

Cover options from $1m to $10m to help protect against legal costs & claims from a third party which relate to an act, omission or breach of your professional duty PLUS

  • 2 Hours complimentary legal advice. You can access 2 hours of complimentary legal consultation from a legal expert on matters relating to your business, which could save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees.
  • Vicarious Liability. If you engage a sub-contractor to help you with a client’s work, and they make a mistake, there is a chance your client will make a claim against you. The professional indemnity policy for consultants that Aon arranges includes cover for sub-contractors’ negligence for which you are liable.
  • Unlimited Retroactive Cover. Professional Indemnity Retroactive cover for incidents that happened before you bought insurance, as long as you weren’t aware of the claim or circumstances giving rise to the claim before you joined.
  • Confidentiality Breach. Cover for if you inadvertently breach your client confidentiality

I don't operate from an office, do I still need Public Liability cover?

You need Public Liability irrespective of whether you operate from an office or not as it protects you for claims against personal injury or damage to their property. This is something can happen whilst you are on your clients site.

For example: You are working from your client’s site & you spill water on the floor. A person slips and gets injured. A claim is brought against you or your business for causing personal injury.

I have shut down my business, am I still exposed to a claim for my past work?

Yes, you are! In order to maintain protection against past activities once you have ceased business or retired, continuation of insurance is essential. Such a cover is called “run off cover”. If you retire or leave the profession, our policy will still cover you for claims relating to incidents that occurred when you were working.

What if I have exhausted the limit of my cover?

If a claim amounts to your maximum cover, we will automatically reinstate your cover value. For more details, please check the policy wording in your quote. Click here to start your quote.

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