How to make a claim

If you have experienced an event which you need to claim for, Aon's claims team are a phone call or email away. We understand making a claim can be stressful, so our team are on hand to walk you through the process and help make it as easy as possible for you.

Contact our team to make a claim

Select your profession for the contact details of your claims team.


f you're an Accountant, Barrister, Consultant, Migration Agent or Design Professional, call our team on 1800 020 339


Real Estate

If you're a Real Estate Agent; Landlord; Renter or Resident Unit Manager, call or email our real estate team: Call 1300 734 274

Health Professionals

If you're a Health Professional, call us on 1800 805 191


If you're a Photographer, Music Teacher, Dance Teacher, Performer, Band or Performing Group, Cinematographer, Film/TV Professional or Event Coordinator, call our entertainment team on 1800 806 584


f you're running a Not-for-profit organisation, Charity, Child Care Centre or other not-for-profit, call our NFP team on 1800 123 266

Other Industries

If your business type or occupation isn't listed above, call our team on 1800 367 266

Some of the information we’ll ask for:


Accident Details

  • Date of the accident
  • A description of the event, including location

Your Details

  • Your ABN and GST percentage claimed on your Business Activity Statement
  • Bank details for settlement

Repair Info

  • Report confirming that the items cannot be repaired (if applicable)
  • Repair/Replacement quotation/invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Aon rep manage the whole process?

As your broker, your Aon rep may manage some parts of the claims process. However, depending on your profession and the products you claim under, there may be instances where the insurer may liaise with you directly.

Can I liaise with the claims team via email?

Some communications are possible via email. During the course of a claim, our claims team will try to call you first if there are updates. If you do not answer, then an email will be sent to you. If you are in the middle of a claim, we advise keeping a close eye on your phone and email to ensure you can respond in a timely manner.

What can I supply as proof of loss?

If you’re claiming for damaged property, or interruption, an assessor may visit your premises to determine the loss. In some cases, you may be asked for proof of loss such as receipts; photos of items; bank statements; and packaging of items.

Can I lodge a claim online?

Currently claims through Aon can only be lodged through a representative. Online lodgements are not available.

Can I nominate someone else to manage the claim for me?

You can nominate a third party to enquire about and act on your behalf. However, in the initial instance, Aon will need verbal permission from you to liaise with a third party.

Ways to get in touch